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Create a Wix e-commerce site

Wix is a platform with sophisticated settings.

The platform offers you great tools to easily create your e-commerce site.

Everything you need to launch your store and generate profits can be found on Wix.

Then you can choose from 500 templates offered by Wix to design your online store.

These online store templates are created by the experienced and creative designers at Wix.

You can modify and customize these elements.

This allows you to customize all pages.

Wix allows you to configure your site at will, from the home page to the payment method for your products. It also allows you to shape the article pages, the member area and the shopping cart.

Define and strengthen your image

The Wix platform provides you with free tools to define and strengthen the image of your business online.

For this, you can create your own logo that defines the image of your store.

A personalized domain name is also created so that you are recognizable.

From these identification elements, you can optimize your online presence.

Indeed, Wix is flexible when it comes to shaping the image of your online store according to your desires.

The way you design the digital decor of your business can attract several customers.

And without you needing to do anything, you will earn a lot of money. However, you must first set up an activity.

Set up an online business

In order to run your online business, you need to develop a business.

The latter can come from all areas.

It's up to you to set up an activity that is close to your heart.

At the same time, you can choose products/services that attract more customers and consumers around the world.

Your online storefront on Wix allows you to offer multiple collections of items.

You will then have the opportunity to suggest as many products as you wish to your customers.

On the other hand, this process can be carried out directly by you, that is to say your own inventories.

Also, you can decide to outsource inventory with your suppliers.

In addition, Wix allows you to configure your shipping and delivery conditions.

You can also adjust your taxes on each sale made.

These different elements earn you money.

Benefits of a Wix e-commerce site

First of all, Wix makes it easy to create your online store.

You can carry out the personal dressing of your showcase.

This allows you to design your merchant site in the image of what you want.

At the same time, you can market a variety of products on the site. These can attract potential buyers from all over the world.

Indeed, with Wix, you will not need to incur expenses to publicize your activity.

The platform also allows you to automatically respond to prospects who visit your store.

Also, your store can attract a stratospheric number of customers.

Wix facilitates this possibility through print-on-demand and dropshipping.

In this way, you can achieve large turnovers without the need to work.

The platform provides you with several distribution channels.

Among other things, from your Wix dashboard, you will be entitled to a mobile or desktop version showcase.

All in all, the advantages of a Wix e-commerce site are numerous.

You can make money with a store created directly online, or go online with an existing traditional store.

Need advice to get started?

Embark on your passion!

Make an appointment with one of our wix experts to discover our services!

and all this free of charge and without obligation!

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