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We accompany you

A digital coach will accompany you in the process of creating your business in its digital form.
During our first meeting we will establish the objectives and the target audience of your project. 


Marketing Bienveillant Services

Our projects

A website project? Want to take action? Request your free quote.

It is with kindness that we advise you throughout the process of creating your project. 

Where to start ?

A first meeting is used to determine your expectations and the message you want to convey to your audience.

Thanks to your targeted questions, we will develop your project together. 

Putting order at home: organize, structure your desires, your thoughts...


We use a mind mapping tool to help you develop your menu structure from which we will give birth to your site.

Creation de web site wix
Par ou commence?

The design is you!

How is your Universe?

Your design should reflect what you would like to present.

A good design brings credibility and gives users confidence.

To help you find the right design for your business, we will offer you an interview with a graphic designer to better target your needs and desires.

design web site wix

The contents

What your site should have and

what should he be able to do?

This is the moment when you see more clearly thanks to the work done beforehand to build the menu of your site.

Now you are going to structure your message, your articles, blog, your services, your know-how!

This is your JOB, the message, the service, your product

made available to your audience.


We will see together the best tools to facilitate your task, to allow you to better know your audience (avatar) and what is the best strategy to promote your site to your audience. 

sites wix marketing bienveillant


Everything is ready, now it's time to

putting your site online!


But, before that we will determine your keywords anchored in your message and share them with our best friend: Google! 

That's our job, don't worry!

We will spread the good news

on the 4 corners of the Internet: your site is online.

You want to be visible to a very specific audience, an audience whose needs match

to what you offer!

référencement sites wix
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