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Wix Editor: Sites will soon update automatically

Wix Editor Automatic Update

Starting May 20, 2023, sites that are still using the old version of Wix Editor, as well as ADI sites, will be automatically updated to the new version of Wix Editor.

Update your Editor to get the latest site building experience for you and your clients, and discover a whole new way to structure your site pages.

Boost your site with Wix Studio: Responsive design and integrated AI!

Do you want to get ahead of the curve and have a fully responsive site (adapted to work perfectly on any device, like computers, tablets or smartphones), with built-in artificial intelligence and an exclusive design ?

Wix Studio is the ultimate platform, providing a seamless solution to improve your projects.

With its advanced design features and flexible development tools, you can achieve exceptional results for sites in any industry.

Watch the video below:


Make an appointment for a free discovery session today.

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