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Publish your book on amazon

Bien générer de l’argent avec votre livre

Write a book

The book has an exceptional market value.

This product can sell millions of copies.

Moreover, there are several authors specializing in various fields who sell thousands of copies of their books.

Therefore, you can make money just from a book you write.

Then write a book that you can entrust to Amazon for sale.

The latter being the best online store in the world, you will receive a percentage on each copy sold.

Create an Amazon account

To be eligible to sell your book on Amazon, you must create an account.

This profile will naturally be in your name.

You must then complete a tax questionnaire submitted by Amazon.

The book to be uploaded must also carry certain characteristics that you must define like, the format of the book and the layout, etc.

You also need to create an attractive cover for your book to attract potential readers.

Indeed, you can entrust this task to a specialized agency.

Thereafter, Amazon will need all the information about you as well as your bank account details.

Generate good money with your book

Above all, you need to be sure that the content of your book attracts readers and answers the questions that many have.

This is why it is very important that you deal with a theme that you master perfectly.

Apart from the problem you are trying to solve in your book, the choice of titles is also crucial.

For example, if you're writing about construction and renovation, try a title like "How to Renovate Your House Without Any Help".

This title is original, because many Internet users ask themselves this question and do research in this direction.

Your book will be quickly discovered and you will be able to sell faster.

The more the sales go up, the more your income increases.

Need advice to get started?

Embark on your passion !

Make an appointment with one of our wix experts to discover our services!

and all this free of charge and without obligation!

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