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Turn your photos into amazing videos with AI!

With the advancement of technologies, photo and video manipulation has become an easy task. Because of this, new tools have emerged to create amazing images and videos that grab viewers' attention. In this article we are going to introduce MidJourney and D-ID, two tools that can turn your photos into amazing videos.


We already talked about this amazing AI.

MidJourney is an artificial intelligence that generates images from small texts called "prompts".

This model is based on the latest advances in imaging and is capable of producing very realistic and detailed images from simple information.

what is this D-ID ?

D-ID Studio is a platform to turn photos into amazing videos. They use cutting-edge technology to create personalized videos that wow viewers.

You can choose your own image or another image you've created on Midjourney: a reworked image of yourself, a fictional character like in the video posted in this article, or even animals or strange creatures... You create your own text, but be careful , has a word limit, around 3,000, which is already a lot, isn't it?

Then just choose the voice, the language... Imagine!

If your English is a bit rusty, you can even choose a short story in another language... magic! You can choose from several available voices. In the paid version, there are several theme options for your videos and a wide range of editing tools to further customize your project.

You can even use your own voice. This is a great feature for fun, creative or corporate videos.

Of course, the human remains and will always be something more natural, but AI tools are undoubtedly an asset to the job.

Tell us now in the comments what did you think of this digital revolution ?

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